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Natural Pet Supplies

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Herbal Flea Collar Herbal Flea Collar
Treat your pet to a natural flea preventative. These collars—made from red bandannas—contain pennyroyal, a t…
Catnip Fish Catnip Fish
These four-inch-long catnip-filled fabric fish will give your cat hours of fun. Please note: fabric colors vary dependi…
Dog Poo Herbal Shampoo Dog Poo Herbal Shampoo
A special insect- (and flea-!) deterring blend of cedar and citronella essential oils in a liquid shampoo specially form…
Dog Poo Shampoo Bar Dog Poo Shampoo Bar
A great gift for your dog-loving friends. This special insect- (and flea-) deterring blend of cedar and citronella combi…
Flea Flee Spritzer Flea Flee Spritzer
The natural way to protect your furry friends from fleas and ticks... an all-natural flea deterrent that works! Made wit…

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